About Credit Union House

The concept of Credit Union House took shape during a major legislative battle in 1998 and a resolution to increase credit unions’ political involvement and advocacy efforts at the national level. This was the beginning of a giant step in credit union history.

Envisioned as a meeting and gathering place, Credit Union House has become a permanent credit union presence in the heart of the nation’s capital. Each year, CU House attracts thousands of visitors including Members of Congress and Congressional staffers, business leaders, and credit union representatives from around the world.

Credit Union House is a true testament to the cooperative spirit of the credit union movement. Credit union leaders across the country have come to believe strongly in this increased visibility and permanent presence in Washington, made possible through the cooperative efforts of all those in the credit union movement.

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Our Mission

Credit Union House exists to meet the needs of the members of the credit union community while they are in Washington, DC. It is a world class, fully-equipped events facility where the credit union community can host Members of Congress as well as various other leaders and groups.