About Credit Union House FAQs

What is Credit Union House?

Credit Union House (CU House) is a permanent presence for credit unions on Capitol Hill. It serves as both a welcoming embassy for credit union visitors in Washington D.C. and a grassroots advocacy tool.

Why Was Credit Union House Built?

The vision for CU House came out of a major legislative battle in 1998 and a resolution to increase credit unions’ political involvement and advocacy efforts at the national level. Credit unions wanted to send a message to Members of Congress, other industries, and their own members that credit unions are a key player in the political scene. CU House provides both a physical presence that sends a message of permanency, as well as a home away from home for credit union advocates who come to DC to share their message.

Who Owns Credit Union House?

Like credit unions, CU House is owned by its members. The LLC Membership is made up of each statewide credit union trade association and the American Association of Credit Union Leagues (AACUL). In order to build CU House, each state trade association made an investment. Through their affiliation with state leagues, credit unions enjoy membership benefits of CU House.

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What Happens At Credit Union House?

As a permanent staging area and coordination point just a few blocks from the Capitol, CU House provides meeting space for credit union officials, leagues, and CUNA to discuss strategies, plan Congressional meetings, and de-brief after visits with lawmakers. Credit union leaders from each state and several countries have visited CU House.

CU House also provides elegant event space for receptions, dinners, and political fundraisers. Since opening in 2001, CU House has welcomed hundreds of Members of Congress to events. Each year, CU House is becoming the venue of choice for more and more political candidates, Members of Congress, and individual credit unions to host their own events at CU House.

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Can I Use Credit Union House?

Credit Union House is always available to credit union leagues and league-affiliated credit unions. It is often made available to organizations that partner with credit unions on other issues and non-profit or community organizations, as well. The best way to determine if you are eligible to use CU House is by contacting us.

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When Can I Book Next Year’s Event?

Priority booking for the following calendar year begins in the third quarter of the current year. After each priority member is given the opportunity to book events, credit unions and other system partners may begin to book their events. We discourage non-system groups from booking events more than six months in advance.

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How Much Does it Cost To Use Credit Union House For An Event?

Space at Credit Union House is offered at no charge to LLC Members. It is available at a discount for credit unions and other system groups. Highly competitive rates are charged to other groups that rent Credit Union House. Please contact us for a quote.

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Why Does Credit Union House Need Contributions?

Sustained annual giving from credit unions provides the funding for ongoing, daily operations. While initial investments from AACUL and the leagues provided funding for the land and construction of the facility, ongoing operational expenses (including ever-increasing property taxes and the costs associated with maintaining a top-notch events facility) are funded through sustained annual giving from credit unions. Each state has an annual contribution goal, and reaching this goal will ensure Credit Union House is fully sustained through credit union contributions.

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Does My Contribution Make a Difference?

Just as with cooperatives, the more members involved with Credit Union House the stronger it becomes. Right now, only a small percentage of credit unions provide a majority of the sustained annual giving. Your involvement will help spread this financial responsibility more evenly and will help your state reach its annual fundraising goal.

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How Can I Support Credit Union House?

There are a number of ways you can support Credit Union House: through annual contributions, nominate an outstanding leader in your state to the CU House Hall of Leaders, attending league-hosted Hike activities, or host an event at CU House. To make a contribution today, please download our contribution form (PDF) or click here to be directed to our online contribution option. If you wish to mail a share draft/ check/ money order donation, please make it payable to:

Credit Union House
403 C Street, NE
Washington, D.C. 20002

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Our Mission

Credit Union House exists to meet the needs of the members of the credit union community while they are in Washington, DC. It is a world class, fully-equipped events facility where the credit union community can host Members of Congress as well as various other leaders and groups.